The Company “OMEGA-Avtopostavka” – is major national distributor of spare parts, tires and oils in Ukrainian market.

Having been in business for 20 years, the Company "Omega-Avtopostavka" has established cooperation with regional partners, - independent operators-, through which the national wide sales network has been created.

The Company's activity is concentrated on retail shops development.  Thus we do not sell goods to  final customer and do not compete with the partners in sales segment. Such approach distinguishes the Company in its business area.

Our partners are over 5 thousand retail shops and service stations all over the territory of Ukraine. Logistics which the Company has presently in disposal, allows us to cover the outlets located in remotest parts of Ukraine. Such know-how approach to logistics allows us to dispatch more than 5 mln. references annually and to continue increasing our volumes. We execute over 11 thousand deliveries monthly.

Our task is to satisfy maximum demand in spare parts market. With this purpose we are constantly increasing the range of goods which can be available to our partners. At the same time we never stop to look for new suppliers all over the world, which provides unique choice to our partners.  Nowadays Omega-Avtopostavka works with over 300 manufacturing plants and offers to its customers a wide product range (79 000 SKU) and high availability.

The Company "Omega-Avtopostavka" always remains in constant development and improvement. The foundation stone of such processes is regular introduction of know-how, latest technologies and activation of new services, which include:

  • Regular and free delivery all over Ukraine
  • Express delivery by courier services
  • New web-shop, which allows to pick up goods, make enquiries, review invoices etc. at any time.
  • On-the-spot notification system (sms - notices, e-mail outs)
  • Activities which aim at improvement or partners' efficiency (IT resolutions, reference books synchronization, training, exhibitions, etc.)

By permanent modernization of our processes, services, increase of availability of goods, we provide the possibility of dynamic development for our partners every year.



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Temot International

In May 2012 OMEGA-Avtopostavka Company became a member of one of the largest European purchase unions - TEMOT International Autoparts GmbH.

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The primary goal of the Company is to provide the availability of required products for our partner, in the required place and at required time.