Temot International

In May 2012 OMEGA-Avtopostavka Company became a member of one of the largest European purchase unions - TEMOT International Autoparts GmbH.

TEMOT International is a group of leading European companies which work in autobiz industry. It is a leading strategic organization and a prospective partner in the area of spare parts aftermarket. The Union was set up in 1994 in Germany by five Shareholders and from then on the quantity has been constantly increasing.

The companies that are connected as Shareholders to TEMOT International, are the best in their respective region, operating in the sector of spare parts aftermarket. They work in first level distribution channels providing wide product, service, systems and nets range.

TEMOT Internationals' major activity: trade in spare parts, automotive devices, workshop equipment, tools, engine parts, paints, autochemistry and body parts.

Due to availability of best spare parts distributors in the elite surrounding, we have access to latest electronic catalogues, data base systems with information that is necessary for modern service stations.

TEMOT International ensures us constant contact with spare parts suppliers, allowing for constant increase of our work productivity in Ukrainian market, and dynamic development of spare parts sales area.

We highly value our partnership with TEMOT International!"



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