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«Dorozhnya karta»

"Dorozhnya karta" is an association of professionals with the goal of maximizing the effectiveness and coherence of auto parts and tires market. To date, "Dorozhnya karta" can be divided into two major areas: the network of auto parts stores and its own brand of spare parts and components.

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«DK Tyre&Service»

«DK Tyre&Service» - All-Ukrainian Network of sales and service of tires Kama

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«DK—Truck Force»

“DK-Truck Force” is a successful and dynamically developing project carried out by strategic partners, Goodyear and Omega-Avtopostavka companies, to build a common European professional network for sales and service of truck tires in accordance with the international standards what means:

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Original Sachs Service

We invite you to the Original Sachs Service! The members of the service network get access to the latest technical innovations, products for promotion on the market and a service support.

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Bosch Service

The Bosch Service is aimed at creating a network of independent maintenance stations.

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The national network AUTODOC is the service stations association. Service stations throughout Ukraine receive a package of ready-made solutions for business development.